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Ice Bath - Rocky

Ice Bath - Rocky

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The only two-in-one ice bath + hot tub in the UK.

Using the latest temperature control technology, The Rocky Ice Bath
has dual heating/cooling functionality with a temperature range of 3°-42°. This is the only ice bath in the UK that doubles up as a personal hot tub. 

Prioritising efficiency and power the Rocky Chill Tub has a cooling capacity of 2950W and can drop the water temperature to 3° in a matter of hours.

Equipped with advanced features including a built-in ozone disinfection device, a Wi-Fi-controlled high-definition 7" LCD touch panel, and an antifreeze system, our ice bath ensures optimal performance and hygiene. The Rocky Ice Bath has an automatic fault detection system, alerting the user to any functionality issues and presenting troubleshooting solutions via the touch panel. 

The Rocky Ice Bath is built using red cedar wood cladding and high-quality 304-grade stainless steel liner. With an impressive internal Size of L1200mm*W741mm*H700mm (MAX), the Rocky is a suitable space for large athletes and a luxurious one for people of average size. 

While the name "Rocky"  may bring to mind the famous boxer, we're proud to say our ice bath is inspired by the unyielding spirit of the Rocky Mountains, where harsh conditions and challenging terrain have created one of the world's most breathtaking landscapes.

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Our ice baths require just 6 simple steps to ensure they remain in top-notch condition and deliver the ultimate chilling experience:

  1. Regularly check the filter and replace it when required. The filter will visibly change colour and become much darker when it requires changing. This will typically be once every 30 days if the product is used once a day. 
  2. The water should be changed every 3 to 6 months for daily and monthly users, respectfully.
  3. Wipe down the surfaces and keep the vents free of any dust/debris, especially when keeping the chill tub outside. 
  4. Ensure the space around the chill tub has been kept free of debris. For example, if kept outside do not allow leaves to collect around the vent. 
  5. Check the water inlet and drainage often to ensure free movement of water. 
  6. Clean the sides of the chiller to ensure efficient heat exchange.
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3°-42° Temperature Range
WiFi Control Panel
2-Year Warranty
Wheel system
Solid Wood Footrest Included
Dual Function Ice Bath & Hot Tub



External size L2000*W850*H750 

High-grade 304 stainless steel liner

Red cedar top panel

Water capacity 500 litres

3°-42° temperature range

Wifi control panel controlled via smartphone

2-year warranty

robust wheel system

Cedar wood footrest included


Creating Value

The Rocky is an industry-leading chill tub that offers a premium yet affordable solution for those seeking the pinnacle of cold water exposure.


The Rocky couples a 304-grade stainless steel liner with a slatted Western Red Cedar top panel, bringing elegance and a serene experience to the user. 


The known benefits of chill tubs are widespread; including sustained dopamine increases, physical recovery and increased blood flow. Our top-of-the-range chill tubs are available for high-performance athletes, commercial wellness spaces and individuals.