Set ice bath control panel to 0°
80 minute ice making phase
Automatic 40 minute defrost phase
  • The powerful Yukon ice bath achieves temperatures as low as 0° in just 4-8 hours.

  • At 0° the Yukon begins an 80 minute ice making phase, surrounding the user in ice.

  • The Yukon automatically enters a defrosting period of 40 minutes, before starting the cycle again.


The 3° Club is the only supplier of a dual-function ice bath & hot tub in the UK. With a temperature range of 3°-42°, you can catch the sunrise with a cold plunge and watch the sun go down in your own personal hot tub.

The Rocky Ice Bath can be programmed to automatically switch between ice bath and hot tub, with real-time temperature updates sent to your smartphone. The user can preset the ice bath to be an exact temperature, hot or cold, to time with their schedule. Effortlessly switch between the invigorating chill of an ice bath and the tranquil warmth of a hot tub at the touch of a button.

Whether you're seeking post-workout recovery, relief from muscle soreness, or simply a moment of relaxation, this unparalleled ice bath caters to all your wellness needs.

Ice Baths

What Is An Ice Bath?

An ice bath should contain enough water to completely immerse the human body and should be in the 0°-12° temperature range. Whilst ice baths have been used in sports recovery for a long time, they have recently gained traction for their potential to unlock other health benefits including improvements in mental well-being, weight maintenance and immune system response. 

To feel all the benefits of cold water immersion it is best to be completely submerged in cold water. Cold showers are a great way to begin your cold water immersion journey, however, the application of cold water from a shower head will not induce the same physiological responses as full submersion. Our ice baths have been designed with a generous 450l water capacity and 20% more space than industry-standard chill tubs.

What makes the best ice bath experience?

At the 3° Club, we have created a formula for the perfect ice bath experience. You would not expect a triathlete to roll up to race day without a wetsuit, goggles and running shoes. Nor should you attempt an ice bath without being well prepared.

1) Mentally prepare for the shock of the cold water. It is going to feel uncomfortable at the beginning, but it will gradually become tolerable as your body adjusts to the temperature change. If you lack experience with ice baths it is best to start with shorter sessions at higher temperatures. 

2) When entering the water the body's automatic response is to take fast and short breaths, also known as hyperventilation. This shock response is an attempt to oxygenate your body to defend against the sudden stress of the cold water. Learning to control your breathing upon entry to the ice bath helps to manage the feeling of shock in our experience. 

3) Stay in the ice bath for an appropriate amount of time. The sweet spot tends to be around 3-20 minutes. Staying in the ice bath for too short a time will not allow the physiological changes in your body to occur and the benefits will not follow. Staying in too long could cause hypothermia. 

4) Prepare plenty of warm layers and boil the kettle for the post-ice bath period. Dry robes are a great way to soak up the water from your skin and start warming your body up. Cold water immersion lowers your body’s core temperature, otherwise known as ‘the drop’. So even if you feel you have warmed up your arms and legs from adding layers, it's important to remain in warm conditions and let your core body temperature catch up. Don’t underestimate the drop! Light to mild exercise can be a good way to warm up after an ice bath. 

5) Smile. The physiological changes that occur from ice baths occur almost immediately and you will receive a sustained kick of ‘happy chemicals’ plasma noradrenaline and dopamine. You have started the day in a great way. 

Are The 3° Club Ice Baths For Athletes Only?

No, whilst many of the design elements have been incorporated to suit high-performance athletes, our ice baths are for everyone with a passion for cold water immersion. We supply luxury ice baths to cater for all audiences. The Yukon ice bath uses a cutting-edge automated ice-releasing feature to reach 0° water temperature. With a temperature range of 0°-8°, the Yukon Ice Bath is typically suited to professional athletes and experienced cold water immersion enthusiasts. The Rocky Ice Bath also functions as a hot tub and has a 3°-42° temperature range, making it well-suited to spas, hotels and individuals with a passion for a variety of wellness products.

Can I Book An Appointment To See The Ice Baths?

Yes, we supply ice baths UK-wide from our HQ in Bristol and are happy to meet you on-site for a consultation. Our only site is in Bristol, however, we ship ice baths all over the UK and offer curbside delivery or a complete installation service.

Ice Bath User Guide