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What is the electricity cost of running an ice bath?

Our flagship ice bath, The Yukon, not only promises an invigorating experience but also operates with efficiency in mind. In this blog post, we'll explore the estimated daily cost of running a Yukon Ice Bath, demonstrating its relative affordability compared to other electrical goods needed in our daily routine.

The Yukon Ice Bath consumes 1 kW/h, efficiently transforming room temperature water to an icy 0°C within a window of 4 to 8 hours, depending on the starting water temperature and air temperature. To understand the daily operating cost, we'll use standard electricity rates in the UK as a benchmark.

The data

The Yukon ice bath will cool 450l of water from 18° to 0° in 6 hours (tested with 30° air temperature). With a power consumption of 1 kW/h, the daily energy consumption is calculated as follows:

Daily Energy Consumption = Power Consumption × Hours of Operation

= 1 kW/h × 6 hours

= 6 kWh

Using the average UK electricity rate, 27p per kWh, we can estimate the daily cost:

Daily Operating Cost=Daily Energy Consumption×Electricity Rate




The estimated daily running cost assumes a water temperature of 18° and air temperature of 30°. These conditions can be expected only at the peak of summer in the UK. £1.62 is towards the upper limit of expected daily running cost based on average UK water and air temperatures. During winter months the running costs will be less as the resting water and air temperature will be lower.

How does the Yukon Ice Bath compare?

To put the daily cost into perspective, let's compare the operating cost of the Yukon Ice Bath to other common electrical goods:

  • Yukon Ice Bath (6 hours daily): £1.62
  • Clothes Dryer (running for 1 hour daily): £0.67
  • Hair Dryer (daily use for 15 minutes): £0.17
  • Dishwasher (running for 1 hour daily): £0.40
  • Electric Kettle (boiling for 1 hour daily): £0.27

Ok, our luxury ice baths are a bit more demanding than a kettle when it comes to power consumption. However, our high-quality insulated covers and cutting-edge cooling control system make the Yukon one of the most efficient ice baths on the market.

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